About us

Hiring Joint is the pioneer of organised recruitment services in India. We are the experts in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people across a wide range of specialised industries and professions. This combined with our role as trusted consultants for Indian professionals translates into our core capability – Shaping Careers. Hiring Joint’s roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment. Our focus has always been on end-to-end talent needs. At Hiring Joint, we believe the right job can transform a person's life and the right person can transform a business. We're passionate about connecting our candidates with the right job for them. Our people work with job seekers and employers to position the right people in the right jobs. Specialist recruitment is all about people. we share ideas, knowledge and experience across businesses and territories to deliver outstanding results.


Success is largely dependent on the company you keep.

Partnering with the right recruitment specialist can add value to your business and simply make your life easier.

Finding the right person for your organization is a crucial decision for employer. We can help you add value to your business by helping you find the right candidate.

  • HiringJoint operates on a success-only fee system. Meaning, no payment is due until a client company appoints a candidate introduced by HiringJoint.
  • With  years of experience providing recruiting services for local and multinational corporations in India including Startups, we have a strong network of experienced candidates.
  • We specialize in industries and actively search for professionals across all functions including Accounting,Banking , Financial  & Insurance, Sales & Marketing Construction,Manufacturing, IT,  Telecom, Engineering, SCM, Logistics & Procurement,Health, HR, Admin,Customers Services and others.
  • HiringJoint uses all channels available to actively seek new candidates, carefully screening and selecting suitable professionals for the right role.

Why us

What makes us different

Our size is our strength

We’re small enough to care but big enough to make an impact. Genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with our ability to respond and adapt swiftly to clients’ needs makes us the one stop recruitment shop.

Our success is our people

We take pride  in ourselves on our commitment to our most important assets – our people. Our core values underpin everything we do and are reflected by our people

We ‘get’ clients

We developed a hybrid managed service model for smaller organisations without compromise to core value or success– now benefitting from the efficient service meeting recruitment demands cost-effectively.

What we do - Process Workflow

A face to face or an online meeting with client will be hosted / organized to accurately define a Job Description outlining the key qualifications and responsibilities for a new role including niche requirements. Clarifications , if any, is sought from Clients.

All candidates are  telephonically interviewed  and fully informed about the job profile. After our comprehensive search and pre-screening , the client will receive a short-list of candidates. Client selects the candidates whom they would like to interview.

The initial and any subsequent interviews will be scheduled on behalf of the client by HiringJoint. After the interview feedback of candidate is taken  and  feedback of  Client is collected for further process.  Feedback  of the Client is  shared with the candidate and vice-versa.

After interviewing the short-listed candidates, the client can select the most suitable candidate for the role. If no candidate is selected, HiringJoint will repeat the process by fine-tuning the search by factoring clients’ feedback in the new search process.

When a final decision is made, the client will present the candidate with an offer of employment. It’s one of the delicate stage of hiring process. HiringJoint can support both parties if further negotiation/consultation is needed

Once the offer of employment is accepted by the candidate, that’s when the official hiring process gets completed. HiringJoint will follow up with the candidate till joining and with Client for feedback after joining as well.

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