Indians love working 5 days a week

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Indians love working 5 days a week 


69% Indians are happy with a five-day work week and won’t take the option of reducing it even if the pay stays the same. A third of the globe’s workers would want to reduce it to four days while 20% want it to be three days. A third of employees are willing to take a 20% pay cut to work a day less.


Employer’s point of view

1) In the five days working culture working time will increase

2) Ultimately the employee suffer fatigue and imbalance in life

3) After two days of rest usual Sunday fever/Monday work will bring a lot of inward unrest to fit to the job

4) When holidays come on Friday or Monday the leave will go for one more day the employee work for 4 days and not 5 days.

5) Natural calamities and other bandh etc., will take some more days neither predictable nor we presume these days

6) Essential works may suffer as many a employee enjoy two days of holidays a untold biased activities will increase

7) Bachelor employees may suffer with undefined way of life

8) You know it or not because of two Saturdays ( 2nd and 4th Saturday leave to the bank employees) many a sufferings are being faced by the people untold, people are watching and waiting to ponder upon. Some banks opened on Sundays to help people nowadays they lost the customer relations complaint increased and there is a lot of cultural change in the industry. Actually we did lost the humane touch of work ethics.

9) Some Govt.Servants work on Saturdays without focused by the media where media only speak about bribe, news getting hot etc.

Implementing five days work culture, may look good for certain type of work and the same did not fit in all working place.