Mistakes while applying and how to avoid them

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Common mistakes while applying …..

  1. A candidate applying for Executive Assistant position in ABC Company. In her CV, She has mentioned that her CARRER OBJECTIVE is to obtain an entry level HR or Finance position in XYZ Company !
  2. In CV, a candidate mentions her qualification as MBA(HR) , Year of passing as 2017-18 (persuing) and applying in Jan 2020.
  3. A candidate applying for an Accountant job and mentioning her experience of Customer Support in details and on Accountancy in very brief.
  4. Spelling mistakes are very common and then claiming very good oral & written communication skills.


How to avoid them….

  1. Candidate must go through job details. You must find out what skills & experiences Client is looking for that position. Your CV must include those skills & experiences, if you have. Most of candidates will write irrelevant experiences & skills in detail and touch relevant ones in very brief.
  2. Your CV must be fine tuned to suit the job requirements provided you have those skills & experiences.
  3. Make changes to your profile so it reads well about all your accomplishments.
  4. If you are applying for B2B sales profile then you need to highlight all B2B sales jobs you have done.
5.     Using words like innovative, disruptive, visionary, strategic, smart, savvy or talented will actually avert a reader from you. These words are better when used for another person, not for oneself.


Follow up:

  1. When you apply for a post and get a response to your application, be prompt to reply all that is needed by Company for shortlisting you.
  2. Keep a follow up of your correspondence
  3. Keep yourself available on phone and must be responsive.
  4. Keep your recruiters informed whenever you have any direct contact with the client till negotiating salary.
  5. If you didn’t get the job, don’t blame the recruiters , rather be in their touch for future openings