Vlocity Senior Developers

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Vlocity Senior Developer


About Company :  An IT Company

Location : Permanent Work from home

Salary:   13 –  18  Lacs

Experience : 3  to 7 years

Gender: Male/Female

Qualifications:  Any degree in Computers


Job Summary

A Sr. Developer is responsible for writing clean and flawless code to produce fully functional modules or apps according to the requirements; as part of day-to-day work. A Sr. Developer is expected to possess expert-level knowledge of Force.com platform and an analytical mindset with a keen eye for detail.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • A Senior Developer needs to conduct the following responsibilities at work –
  • Use knowledge of Vlocity Omniscripts, Vlocity Data Raptors, Vlocity cards, Vlocity integration procedures, lightning web components, etc.
  • Set best practices including integration and application development, deployment, testing (unit and systems), and iterative refinement
  • Perform and plan code reviews with developers on a consistent cadence
  • Perform thorough analysis on requirements i.e.
  • Obtain a deep understanding of the desired output
  • Check whether the implementation is possible or not; respecting the Salesforce environment’s limitations or governors
  • Evaluate whether stated requirement (or a part) can be achieved via configuration before opting for coding
  • Billability of at least 40 hrs per week (Util Target). The resource needs to ensure that assigned hours are utilized on each project.

A successful analysis results in –

  • Derivation of all possible use cases
  • Identification of any blockers, challenges or risks
  • An optimal code design solution of complex requirements
  • Thorough impact analysis of the planned development

A Senior developer must discuss the approach with TL (Technical Lead)/TM (Technical Manager)or an onshore TA and finalize the ETAs.

  • Develop high-quality scalable code by
  • Following Salesforce.com and Silverline-CRM standards/best practices
  • Leverage recommended frameworks (ex. Test framework or Trigger framework)
  • Write comprehensive test code asserting all possible use cases
  • Perform thorough unit tests
  • Fix all bugs reported from QA/UAT
  • Work on deployments through recommended tools and methodologies.
  • Time-bound R&D for any unknown or newer areas
  • Developing reusable code components in a project
  • Mentor, assist and review peer developers within the teams
  • Document design and architecture

Follow devops processes i.e.

  • Use recommended IDEs
  • Ensure daily code check-in/check-out
  • Stay in compliance with code review feedback points shared by TL (Technical Lead)/TM (Technical Manager).
  • Facilitate proactive communication with project/product teams i.e.
  • Use all relevant channels (Emails, JIRA, Slack or Zoom meetings)
  • Be in sync with sprint/project/product teams
  • Share your plan of action during the start of your day
  • Send DSRs by end of the day
  • Ensure decent overlap/availability in the onshore team’s timezone (whenever required).
  • Focus on learning & development by
  • Setting goals for the quarter in alignment with the Company goals.
  • Constantly perform self review and identify improvement areas
  • Seek timely assistance from Reporting Managers
  • Actively contribute on knowledge sharing initiatives and help in skill development of peer developers Enhance skills and capability in USABILITY focussed development
  • Exhibit good interpersonal skills by being a team player, staying approachable and collaborative
  • Obtain and maintain certificates for Vlocity Development

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications


  • Required – Minimum 1 year experience with Salesforce development.
  • Required – Minimum 18 – 24 months of experience with Vlocity Development.
  • Required – Minimum Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree in Computers Science (BE/BCA/MCA)
  • Required – Working experience with Vlocity omniscripts (or) Vlocity dataraptors (or) Vlocity cards and Vlocity integration procedures, etc
  • Required – Good in communication and interpersonal skills
  • Notice Period: Less than 45 day
  • Required – Vlocity Platform Developer certification;
  • Required – Work Experience in Healthcare & Insurance Industry.
  • Nice to Have – CPQ Work Experience
  • Optional – SFDC certifications (Administrator/ PD1)


  • Required – Minimum 3+ years experience in Software Development
  • Required – Minimum 2 years in IT/Software companies with multinational footprint
  • Required – Minimum 1 year experience with Salesforce development.
  • Required – Minimum 18 – 24 months of experience with Vlocity Development.
  • Required – Experience working with US based / headquartered companies
  • Good in communication and interpersonal skills


  • Industry leading benefits including Health Insurance offered. Will be part of a US based/headquartered company.
  • Job Type: Full-time (Flexible with remote working option, if outside Bangalore)